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"I have volunteered many times for provideInc. They are making a huge impact and volunteering for them is simple but at the same time you feel like you are really making a huge difference." - Mitchell Holt

"Thank you for helping me find my love for service by making community service enjoyable. Most of the kids in my high school dreaded getting the required 40 hours, but thanks to provideInc, I enjoyed every second of mine!" - Elaina VanLoon

"Through provideInc, I have really realized my heart for helping others and began learning to be brave enough to step out in my faith. I would definitely not be the same person I am today and I'm so thankful for that." - Jolie Tremonti

"I have been provided with with life lessons and opportunities that I, personally, wouldn't have experienced anywhere else. Serving with provideInc has opened a window into the world for me. I have learned what it means to be selfless, to feel passionate, and to make a difference. I am grateful." - Marley Redd

"provideInc has introduced me to an entire new world of helping others. Whether it is hands on service to make my community a better place or the mission trip opportunities of which I hope to be a part of one day. I will forever remember and cherish each moment." - Tatianna Bragg

"I have worked with provideInc on several occasions and my experiences have been fantastic. I appreciate what they do in our local community and world -wide. provideInc is very quick to partner with other organizations and put together the best plan of action. My experiences with them have exceeded my expectations." - Dan Wells

"Without provideInc, I may never have taken the time to be involved with so many wonderful service projects and learned about so many unique causes, people, and global issues. I can truly say it has helped me grow as a Christian and also become more open to others." - Lauren Dysarz

"provideInc has established themselves as a reliable nonprofit agency in our community and I highly recommend them. I love the way they knit the community together. They invite us to join in their efforts to collect, assemble, and distribute to those in need and any age volunteer is affirmed in their effort to reach out a hand of hope!" - Penny Shults, Orion Township Clerk

"I am happy to have been able to take part in so many diverse service projects and opportunities - reaching out to so many communities and families. Along the way, I was even inspired to start my own service project, which was so rewarding and which provideInc graciously supported. Thank you!" - Milena Spencer

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